5 Steps to

Beautiful Artistic Design

I specialize in modern, artistic, clean, and chic designs. So whether it’s a wall treatment or full renovation, I have you covered. With my simple 5 step process we will clearly define your needs, budget, style, and goals.
— Danielle Kelly

Step 1. Let's Chat.

We will ask preliminary questions during our initial chat to get a basic understand of what you are looking for.  

Step 2. Time to meet!

Setting up your consultation is the next step. While I do offer video consultations, the benefits of a face to face meeting between you, your space, and I can not be replaced.   I recommend in person consultations for all clients. 

Step 3. Needs, Wants, & Budget.

During the consultation process, we will cover 3 major points; your needs, wants, and budget.  It is very important to clearly set each one of these to ensure both you and I are on the same page before moving forward with a design plan.  Making sure my clients expectations can be realistically met is my number one priotirty. 

Step 4. Lay it out!

Now we can start to have a little fun!  After your consult, if we have established that DKA can meet your interior needs, we always want to layout a good plan.  A well defined plan allows you, the client, to see my vision for your space in the third dimension. For wall treatment and art commissions, a sample of the piece (colors, materials, texture, etc) will be created and presented before production begins.  For decor and design clients, a digital rendering with accompanying tear sheets that highlight materials, fixtures, furnishings, and other design elements will be provided prior to your space's renovation.  This ensures that you are happy with the vision DKA has for your home, business, or masterpiece. 

Step 5. Time to Create!

So you love your rendering or product sample and are ready to move forward, great!  Let's create!  Our team will handle your entire project from start to finish.  DKA will set a timeline for the work, any payment schedules, and provide all necessary contractors for each phase of your project.  Communication is huge, so prepare to be informed.  We like to take the guesswork out of what comes next for our clients by establishing open and clear forms of communications throughout your project.   So you can sit back and enjoy the process!